Anna Rowley

For over 30 years, Anna Rowley has worked as a consulting psychologist to high profile tech companies worldwide. She has recently worked with start-up companies to help them navigate the performance extremes associated with entrepreneurship. Anna began her career in academia and learned her craft working with some of the greats in psychology and family therapy. She refined and applied these ideas to the tech industry.

Anna is driven to make a difference in people’s lives in the shortest possible time and wants her work and ideas to impact at scale. She believes we are at our best when our aspirations stretch and don’t discourage, when emotions fuel and don’t flood our wellbeing, when we accept and don’t censor all of who we are, and when we use our life experiences as the script for our stories.

Anna earned a PhD in psychology from the University of London and a Master of Philosophy in psychology from Loughborough University. She joined the IJRC Leadership Council in 2017.