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Nshogoza (ICTR-07-91)

Trial Judgment: 7 July 2009; Appeal Judgment: 15 March 2010

Léonidas Nshogoza, a former Defense investigator during the trial of Jean de Dieu Kamuhanda, stood trial for manipulating, inciting, instigating, inducing, or bribing two witnesses into making false statements before the tribunal, both in written and verbal testimony. The prosecution charged Nshogoza with two counts of committing contempt of the Tribunal and two counts of attempt to commit contempt.

In 2009, an ICTR Trial Chamber convicted Nshogoza of contempt for meeting with and disclosing information from two witnesses in violation of a protective court order, but the Trial Chamber acquitted Nshogoza on the remaining charges. In 2010, the ICTR Appeals Chamber dismissed Nshogoza’s appeal for failure to demonstrate any error in the Trial Chamber’s reasoning. The Appeals Chamber affirmed Nshogoza’s sentence of 10 months’ imprisonment.