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Learn about human rights law and mechanisms

    • Universal System, describing the United Nations mechanisms relevant to human rights, with sub-sections on the International Court of Justice, UN Treaty Bodies, UN Special Procedures and International Labour Organization
    • Regional Systems, explaining the regional human rights mechanisms established in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Middle East and North Africa
    • National Systems, explaining the ways in which human rights can be enforced at the national level, with sub-sections on Domestic Prosecutions and Civil Suits, Domestic Exercise of Universal Jurisdiction, National Human Rights Institutions, and Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
  • Related Areas of Law
    • International Criminal Law, explaining the intersections between international human rights law and international humanitarian and criminal law, with sub-sections on the International Criminal Court, ICTY, ICTR and Internationalized Criminal Courts
    • International Humanitarian Lawalso known as the laws of war and the law of armed conflict, this body of law provides the framework applicable to situations of armed conflict and occupation.
    • Refugee Law, explaining the international law governing asylum and refugee claims, and its relationship to international human rights protection, as well as to national immigration policies
    • Courts and Tribunals of Regional Economic CommunitiesIn addition to the various regional and universal human rights mechanisms established exclusively and specifically for the promotion and protection of human rights, a number of other dispute settlement bodies – often related to economic integration initiatives – may decide cases involving individuals’ and communities’ fundamental rights.

Get research and advocacy guidance

  • Reports & Advocacy Guides, providing detailed explanations of how to engage with supranational human rights monitoring bodies, and the challenges advocates may face.

Keep informed of developments in human rights

  • Read our regular news updates on human rights conditions, legal and policy developments, and the activities of human rights oversight bodies in the News Room.
  • Visit the calendar for information on upcoming Hearings and Events held by international human rights institutions and organizations.

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