On Giving Tuesday, Help Make Human Rights Real!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to remembering the causes and communities that matter to us in the midst of the holiday shopping season. This year, we hope you will give in support of human rights, for all, everywhere.

Today, the International Justice Resource Center is launching our new campaign, Making Human Rights Real, in preparation for a year of significantly increased impact and growth. IJRC empowers people to enforce their human rights in nearly every country of the world through the unique informational tools, advice, and training that we provide. The many thousands of individuals and advocates we reach could not get this help elsewhere. For them, we are making human rights real.

Our amazing law fellows, Sarah, Laura, and Tatiana, have created a video to describe what IJRC can do with your support. Watch it below.


Please consider making a contribution to help advance human rights worldwide in 2015. You can also visit the campaign page to share this message with other human rights fans.

Online fundraising for IJRC: Making Human Rights Real

Thank you for supporting human rights, on Giving Tuesday and year-round.