Select Amicus Curiae Briefs

As part of our Advocacy Support program, the International Justice Resource Center regularly prepares amicus curiae briefs, expert affidavits, or third-party intervenor briefs in litigation before domestic courts and supranational human rights bodies, for the purpose of providing the tribunal with information and analysis on the international human rights standards relevant to a particular case or question. IJRC also prepares research and analysis for use in other organizations’ interventions, although we do not publicly share those documents.

The following are some of the briefs we have previously submitted that are not confidential in nature:

Valentín Basto Calderón y otros v. Colombia (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) (January 2013)

I.V. v. Bolivia (English) (Spanish) (Inter-American Court of Human Rights) (May 2016)

Acción de inconstitucionalidad Art. 181 CPP, Expediente 17-6299 (Sala Constitucional de la Corte Suprema de Costa Rica) (August 2017)