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Deronjić (IT-02-61) “Glogova

Trial Judgment: 30 March 2004; Appeal Judgment: 20 July 2005

Miroslav Deronjić, president of the Bratunac Municipal Board of the SDS and president of the Bratunac crisis staff, stood trial for allegedly having individually and in concert with other members of the joint criminal enterprise, ordered and committed persecutions of Bosnian Muslims on political, racial or religious grounds, in the municipality of Bratunac. The prosecution accused him of individual criminal responsibility and membership in a joint criminal enterprise for crimes against humanity for persecutions.

In 2004, prior to the beginning of a trial, the Trial Chamber accepted his guilty plea for persecutions as crimes against humanity. In 2005, the Appeals Chamber affirmed the sentence of the Trial Chamber. The Trial Chamber sentenced Deronjić to 10 years’ imprisonment.