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Boškoski & Tarčulovski (IT-04-82)

Trial Judgment: 10 July 2008; Appeal Judgment: 19 May 2010

Ljube Boškoski, the former Minister of Interior for FYROM, and Johan Tarčulovski, a police officer acting as an escort inspector in the president’s security unit at the Ministry of the Interior and provided personal security for the President, stood trial for allegedly having committed, ordered, planned, instigated or aided and abetted unlawful attacks on civilians and civilian objects in the village of Ljuboten, including the murder and cruel treatment of ethnic Albanians; this case marks the first time the ICTY considered the situation in FYROM. The prosecution accused Boškoski, under a theory of superior criminal responsibility, and Tarčulovski, under a theory of individual criminal responsibility and participation in a joint criminal enterprise, for violations of the laws or customs of war for murder, wanton destruction of towns or villages, and cruel treatment.

In 2008, the Trial Chamber acquitted Boškoski and convicted Tarčulovski of violations of the laws or customs of war for murder, wanton destruction, and cruel treatment. In 2010, the Appeals Chamber dismissed all appeals by the prosecution and Tarčulovski. The Trial Chamber sentenced Tarčulovski to 12 years’ imprisonment, which the Appeals Chamber upheld.