Dragan Nikolić

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Nikolić (IT-94-2) “Sušica Camp

Trial Judgment: 18 December 2003; Appeal Judgment: 4 May 2005

Dragan Nikolić, the commander of the Sušica detention camp in Vlasenica, stood trial for allegedly having committed, aided and abetted, participated in, and subjecting detainees to an atmosphere of fear by crimes committed at the Sušica detention camp, including murder, beatings, sexual violence and other abuse, and provision of inhumane living conditions including inadequate food, water, medical care, and sleeping and toilet facilitates; Nikolić was the first person indicted for war crimes by the ICTY. The prosecution accused him, on the basis of individual criminal responsibility, of crimes against humanity for persecutions, murder, rape, and torture.

In 2003, the Trial Chamber accepted Nikolić’s guilty plea on all charges. In 2006, the Appeals Chamber decided Nikolic’s sentencing appeal, and found that the Trial Chamber erred in taking into account the time Nikolic would actually serve in detention. The Trial Chamber sentenced Nikolić to 23 years’ imprisonment, which was amended by the Appeals Chamber to 20 years’ imprisonment.