IACHR Refers Two Cases to Inter-American Court

Today the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights announced that it filed two applications with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.  The first, against the State of Ecuador, has to do with an individual who died after failing to receive adequate medical treatment while in detention.

The second, against the State of Peru, involves judicial protection against the retroactive elimination of the wage-scale system governing a trade union’s members.  See the press release here and the Commission’s application in the second case here.

Under the Court’s new Rules of Procedure which entered into force on January 1, the Commission’s role in arguing the case before the Court is now somewhat limited, specifically at the oral stage, while the victims’ representatives have some freedom to more independently manage the litigation before the Court, including with the assistance of the new figure of the Inter-American Defender and the legal aid fund for the Inter-American System.

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