New Inter-American Commission Session Report Includes Details on the Status of Decisions, Rights Conditions in the Americas

Commissioner Felipe González, and to his right, Commissioner James Cavallaro during the 150th Session Credit: Daniel Cima/IACHR
Commissioner Felipe González, and to his right, Commissioner James Cavallaro during the 150th Session
Credit: Daniel Cima/IACHR

For apparently the first time, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has published a detailed report concerning its most recent session that: identifies forthcoming decisions on the admissibility and merits of petitions; lists the working meetings held between members of the Commission, States, and civil society; summarizes the information gathered through thematic hearings on a range of rights topics; and, describes the progress made toward friendly settlements, among other issues. See IACHR, Report on the 150th Session of the IACHR (2014). The report is full of information that will be of use to petitioners and advocates and which, until now, had not been made publicly available in many instances.

Among many other useful pieces of information, the report indicates that the following reports have been adopted by the Commission and will be published shortly:

Admissibility Reports

  • 265-00 – Agustina Alonso et al., Argentina
  • 691-08 – Javier Villanueva Martino et al., Bolivia
  • 1214-07 – Carlos Andrés Galeso Morales et al., Colombia
  • 394-06 – José Orlando Giraldo Barrera and Family, Colombia
  • 1625-07 – Y.C.G.M. and Relatives, Colombia
  • 329-06 – Emilia Morales Campos and Jennifer Emilia Morales Campos, Costa Rica
  • 1566-07 – Sipakepense and Mam Communities of the Maya People of the Municipalities of Sipacapa and San Miguel Ixtahuacán, Guatemala
  • 525-07 – Baptiste Willer and Frédo Guirant, Haiti
  • 495-07 – Ovidio Guiltrichs Vanegas et al., Costa Rica
  • 4334-09 – Eulogia and Her Son Sergio, Peru

Archive Reports

  • 735-03 – Eduardo Francisco Yanno, Argentina
  • 78-00 – Antonio Francisco Cano et al., Argentina
  • 12.538 – Eugenio Sandoval, Argentina
  • 12.016 – César Eugenio Jaramillo Gutiérrez, Ecuador
  • 944-11 – Mark Anthony Stroman, United States
  • 1281-06 – Mohammed Munaf, United States
  • 1273-06 – Margarita María Garcés Zuluaga and Luis Guillermo Jiménez Montoya, Honduras
  • 11.884 – Whitely Dixon, Jamaica
  • 12.260 – Franklyn Villaroel, Trinidad and Tobago
  • 11.837 – Indravani Pamela Ramjattan, Trinidad and Tobago
  • 10.315 – Luis Miguel Villanueva, Venezuela

Report on Merits with Decision to Publish:

  • 12.231 – Peter Cash, Bahamas
  • 12.422 – Abu-Ali Abdur’ Rahman, United States

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Id. at 33-34. In addition, the Commission approved 11 merits reports that are not slated for publication. In 9 instances, this is because the State has not yet been notified of the recommendations and given an opportunity to comply; and in 2 instances, the reports evaluate compliance with a previous merits decision. Id. at 34. When the Commission decides to archive a case or petition, this suspends the processing of the file and is often the result of the petitioner’s failure to provide the necessary information or responses to the Commission.

View the report for information on the range of other substantive and procedural topics considered by the Commission during the 150th Session.