Country Factsheets: Europe

IJRC’s two-page country factsheets summarize the regional and universal human rights commitments of United Nations (UN) Member States, including the treaties each State has ratified, the complaints mechanisms it has accepted, examples of significant human rights complaints against the State, and whether it has extended a standing invitation to UN special procedures.

The countries of Europe listed below include all 47 Member States of the Council of Europe, each of which participates in the European human rights system, as well as Belarus and the Holy See. The factsheets are listed in alphabetical order below, and can be accessed in webpage or PDF format.

Albania (PDF)

Andorra (PDF)

Armenia (PDF)

Austria (PDF)

Azerbaijan (PDF)

Belarus (PDF)

Belgium (PDF)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF)

Bulgaria (PDF)

Croatia (PDF)

Cyprus (PDF)

Czech Republic (PDF)

Denmark (PDF)

Estonia (PDF)

Finland (PDF)

France (PDF)

Georgia (PDF)

Germany (PDF)

Greece (PDF)

Holy See (Vatican City) (PDF)

Hungary (PDF)

Iceland (PDF)

Ireland (PDF)

Italy (PDF)

Latvia (PDF)

Liechtenstein (PDF)

Lithuania (PDF)

Luxembourg (PDF)

Malta (PDF)

Moldova (PDF)

Monaco (PDF)

Montenegro (PDF)

Netherlands (PDF)

Norway (PDF)

Poland (PDF)

Portugal (PDF)

Romania (PDF)

Russia (PDF)

San Marino (PDF)

Serbia (PDF)

Slovakia (PDF)

Slovenia (PDF)

Spain (PDF)

Sweden (PDF)

Switzerland (PDF)

Turkey (PDF)

Ukraine (PDF)

United Kingdom (PDF)